Boosted cars run better in cool weather, which is why WannaGoFast invited half-mile racers to North Carolina back in May. Underground Racing's twin-turbo builds are popular in these events due to their reliability and performance. Gideon Chamdi is probably their best customer, as his cars are always pushing the limits. Originally started as a way to promote his jewelry business. "Diamonds By Wire Racing" has evolved into a record-breaking powerhouse. His Underground Racing Audi R8 reached 244 mph at the event, and we heard rumors of the Lamborghini's blistering pass.The car is owned by Mohammed Bourashid of Kuwait-based Drag965, and he put Gidi behind the wheel to make sure it broke the record.

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In stock form, the Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 delivers 602 horsepower and 412 lb-ft of torque to all wheels. Given a flat stretch of road and favorable winds, it will reach a top speed of 201 mph. But this isn't enough for some. That's why Underground Racing had to ditch the dual-clutch 7-speed automatic in favor of an air-shifted 6-speed sequential transmission. Air shifters use a tank of compressed air to slam shift each gear. Normally found on pro-mod dragsters, the systems are expensive and complex. We're amazed the camera stayed attached on this run, so hold on for a wild ride. Where do you draw the line between street car and track machine? Tell us how far you would go to push your car to a new world record, and stay with us for all your UGR updates.