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Underground Racing Gallardo vs World’s Fastest Corvette Z06

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Drag races can be won or lost at the starting line, so what happens when two of the world’s fastest street cars square off? At what looks like a private event, High Tech Corvette was on hand to capture an Underground Racing Lamborghini Gallardo attacking the 1/4 mile next to a record holding Corvette Z06. In cars that make this level of power the driver’s reaction time can make or break the winning pass. It is measured from the green light until the car leaves the starting line, and it is the one factor completely controlled by the driver. Sometimes the first car with the faster time loses to the driver who acted first, and this is a perfect example.

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All-wheel drive takes the guesswork out of making a perfect holeshot, with the Lamborghini Gallardo representing the state of the art in launch control. Launching a stick shift V8 is not easy, and Corvette’s independent rear suspension multiplies the level of difficulty. Both cars sound imposing as they approach the Christmas tree, and thanks to Drag Times we know the Lamborghini is more suited to 1/2 mile events. Many of us were surprised at this outcome but that is what racing is all about. Practice makes perfect so find your local track for a Wednesday night Test & Tune.

P.S. Look at the Lambo’s trap speed, let’s hope he considers parachutes for his next runs, ceramic brakes are expensive!