If you are on the run, your best chance at escape is to get out of sight. To go over the horizon will leave your enemies dumbfounded when you hit the "Vanishing Point". One of the best car films of all time involves epic car chases across the desert where two criminals use a mirage to their advantage in a Hemi-powered 1970 Challenger. Disappearing looks easy in the movies, it takes a ton of power in real life. That's why one enthusiast chose a solid foundation of the Audi 80. One of the most iconic quattro sedans, it is powered by the mythical VR6 engine.

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Built as a clever way to package six cylinders into the space of an inline-4, the VR6 is two rows of three cylinders separated by only 15 degrees. The ingenious engine arrived in the Corrado in 1992 and its still in production today. Because it packs cylinders close together, it was the basis for the Audi/Bentley/VW series of W12 engines. They can be found in everything from the VW Phaeton to the Bentley Continental Supersports & Bentayga, and they didn't stop there. Stretching the W12 with the addition of four more cylinders, the Bugatti W16 was born. So the new Chiron traces its power to the Corrado, but we aren't complaining.Thanks to the clever design, the VR6 and its offspring love turbochargers. Gumbal witnessed this firsthand at a recent Race 1000 event in Germany. A gorgeous Audi arrived with an intercooler that measured large by huge. This footage can be filed under incredible because it only takes 20 seconds for the car to vanish...Sure you could accomplish this by spending a ton of money and time into a pre-owned Audi, but it would be much easier to start with a used Bugatti Veyron and do it in style.