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POV of Bugatti Chiron’s Hillclimb (Turbo Sounds Galore)

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Fast cars are fun on flat ground, but climbing a hill is a true test of power. The Prescott Hill Climb was founded by the Bugatti Owners Club in 1937, about 100 miles northwest of London. The course is 1,127 yards long with banked switchbacks and steep grades. The grounds also has a driving school and ‘The Bugatti Trust’, a collection of historical photos and historical documents, vintage parts and several cars. The historic track is unique, as the summit has a return road back down to the paddock. No stranger to horsepower, it’s a great place to watch a Bugatti Veyron in action.

Fans from across Europe converged on the track last weekend for a truly spectacular event. Screaming up the mountain was a new Bugatti Chiron. Ettore Bugatti would be proud to see his namesake racing on a track built by and for his fans. To document the incredible run, TheSUPERCARDRIVER recorded the climb from the passenger seat. Owners of turbocharged cars know that boost builds quickly under load, so the constant demands of the uphill battle kept all four turbos spinning. It takes a hefty volume of boost to fill 8 liters of a W16 engine, so it sounds like the blow-off valves release enough pressure to start a 747. The only hills in Florida are occupied by senior citizens, so as soon as we get our hands on a Chiron we’re heading to the beach. Stay with us for all your Bugatti news.