Here in America, we dream of driving on the Autobahn and taking our cars to their limits. Why? Because in the States there's no span of road quite like Autobahn-- beautiful, spacious and with no speed limits (granted, some stretches of the road actually do have speed restrictions). For this reason, I'm envious of AutoTopNL, a YouTube channel that constantly uploads videos of them taking our dream cars to their limits on the Autobahn.

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In their latest video, the channel took the BMW M5 (F10) out for a spin against the new Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. I'm no exactly sure just how fast they ended up going, but both cars have the ability to hit some high speeds. However, in the second video found below, they did attempt to hit the top speed of the Giulia, which is 190 mph. Check both videos out and remember to always follow your local traffic laws. These videos were filmed on the Autobahn, not your local road.

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