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BMW Unleashes 2017 M5 Competition Edition

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Bavarian engineers are always hard at work looking for more power. It seems as if every German car is migrating their turbochargers to the top side of the engine, which allows them to run cooler and spin up faster. BMW was the first to do so, and it has proven to be a resounding success. The M division never likes to leave power on the table, so they have turned up the wick on the 2017 M5 sedan. The finer details of an upcoming Competition Edition were outlined in a press release earlier this morning. By raising the boost pressure and adding more fuel, the M5 Competition Edition adds 40 hp to reach 600 hp and 516 lb-ft of torque. Production will be limited to only 200 cars but the modifications are not limited to acceleration.

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Taking a page from their past, the suspension is lower by half an inch and the shocks have been stiffened. Everyone can agree that M cars have been trading driving excitement for luxury refinement in recent years. Electric power steering has been derided as offering almost no feedback, so they have dialed back its power to let the driver feel the road. Only two colors will be offered. 100 cars will be built in Carbon Black Metallic, and the other half will be Mineral White. As usual with cars of this nature, all optional content is included. Bang & Olufsen audio, full merino leather interior, and carbon fiber aero package leave nothing to be desired. BMW likes to take Limited Production literally, so we hope they choose to send a few across the Atlantic. Stay tuned for more M Division & BMW news.

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