It's designed to travel through rough terrain at insane speeds while keeping you and two passengers safely strapped in. You can hit a 3" hole or bump at up to 140 mph without any problems. And this 2015 Ford F-150 Pre-Runner Race Truck can be in your garage before you know it.

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Featured in the first ever Battle of the Builders at SEMA 2014, which will be aired on Velocity Network March 8, this one-of-a-kind Pre-Runner was completed in November of last year. You can check out the trailer for this new show below.

At 7,000 pounds with a 130" wheel base, it's big, but don't let size fool you. The Motec Injected Motor creates 800 hp and 700 ft-lb of torque, meaning you'll be ready for any off-roading race rally. Check out the pictures in the gallery to get a better look, and hit the button below to see the full details of this insane off-roader.

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