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McLaren Newport Beach Autumn Sprint 2016

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Clients of McLaren Newport Beach took part in an exciting weekend of spirited driving and dining during the dealership’s Autumn Sprint event this past weekend.   The two-day excursion began in Newport Beach with a pack of McLaren vehicles making their way towards San Diego for the first stop at Westroot Tavern for lunch. All of the cars were prominently displayed causing many curious passersby to stop and marvel at the fleet of supercars.

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Once back on the open road, the trek moved into the mountains where attendees were able to enjoy the technical route that was mapped out for the afternoon section of the drive. The group made a second stop along a scenic overlook to take in the incredible view and advantage of an impressive photo opportunity.  With the sun setting, it was back to the McLarens to finish the first day of driving.  As dusk approached, McLaren Newport Beach guests arrived at La Casa Del Zorro resort in Borrego Springs for a night of dinner and relaxation. The group was all smiles as they enjoyed dinner and libations while sharing stories of the day’s events.

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Day two of the McLaren Autumn Sprint began with a tasty breakfast at the resort followed by departure for the second half of the driving event. Fueled and ready to roll, the cars headed out once again to the mountains taking full advantage of the twisting roads that snake through the area. The route was perfect for the event as guests were able to truly appreciate the handling abilities of their cars along with other fellow enthusiasts. The drive soon passed through Laguna Beach where heads surely turned as the line of luxury sports cars motored through. Bayside Restaurant was the last stop on the journey for McLaren Newport Beach clients where yet another delicious meal was served for the group and even more stories were shared. As all good things come to an end, everyone involved with the McLaren Autumn Sprint parted ways taking with them the memories of the drive and being able to experience the event with a great group of individuals.

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McLaren Newport Beach opened in 2012 is the only McLaren factory authorized dealership for Orange County and San Diego County. Conveniently located, McLaren Newport Beach provides Super Sports Cars to Southern California’s affluent coastal communities. Its mission has always been to offer the best inventory selection in the nation and to continually support and build the McLaren community. The sales and service team combines over 75 years of experience with McLaren. As a result, they are passionate about the cars they sell, the customers they serve and consistently deliver optimal results. For more information about McLaren Newport Beach including online inventory, upcoming events and news, please visit www.McLarenNB.com.

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