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Couple Drifts New Modified Huracan Around Lamborghini Newport Beach

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The first drive after buying a new car can be scary. Think about it, you just dropped a good chunk of money on a vehicle that you’re driving right next to other vehicles. One false move from you or someone else and your investment becomes damaged. But for Sam and Stina Hübinettes, they celebrated their new Lamborghini Huracan from Lamborghini Newport Beach in style.

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After having their car fitted with a custom hydraulic handbrake, an additional set of rear Wilwood Brake calipers, Vorsteiner Novara Edizione Aero Package, 20-inch Platinum Gunmetal Vorsteiner V-FF 103 Flow Forged Wheels and Nitto Tire NT555 G2 tires, they took it for a drive like none other.

While this was most likely not their first drive in the car, they still celebrated the new car on the dealership parking lot like no one else. All across the prestigious dealership’s parking lot, the Huracan was taken sideways around other Lamborghinis resting in the lot at the hands both Sam and Stina. What’s more, they did it in complete style. Click play on the video below to see it for yourself.

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