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What Is The NIO EP9?

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That is the question my friends asked me while watching the Goodwood Festival of Speed. NIO is a Chinese manufacturer who has been racing in Formula E since 2014. To break the record for a production car on race tires, they decided to bring their EP9 to Goodwood. The EP9 is a carbon fiber body on top of their LeMans Prototype racecar.

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Each wheel has its own electric motor, rated at 333.25 metric horsepower. In total, you will have 1,341 horsepower (One Megawatt) of power. Torque vectoring is done by changing the power supplied to each wheel. A range of 265 miles is complimented by a charging time of only 45 minutes. The one-piece carbon fiber body is 802 lbs, and the car is 3,800 lbs ready to race. Each battery is located under the rocker panel, a design that is so simple its a wonder nobody has done this before.

You will reach 60 mph in 2.7 seconds and 124 mph in 7.1 seconds. In the low-drag mode, the EP9 is capable of 194 mph. Six cars have been built for the primary investors, and NIO has plans to build 10 more so far.  Each one arrives with a price of $1.2 Million and a batter that can be changed in 8 minutes.

It holds the EV record at the Nurburgring: 6:45.9, and it lapped the Circuit of the Americas in 2:40.33- without a driver. It has the latest in autonomous technology with a platform that can be upgraded in the future. Stay with us for more updates!

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