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Top 10 Cars From Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

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If you didn’t catch any of the live streams this weekend, you missed some serious action from this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed.

10. Toyota Supra

This car will sell like hotcakes as long as it looks and sounds like this. Developed by BMW and Toyota, it will also be the new BMW Z4.

9. VW I.D. R Pike’s Peak

The same car that won Pike’s Peak also delivered a blistering run up a much smaller hill

8. Ford Raptor

It jumps because the Fox Racing suspension is made to handle the world’s roughest terrain.

7. Singer Porsche 911

The ultimate 964 Series 911, this air-cooled beast has a 500 hp 4.0L from Williams. Singer represents everything that is right with the restoration industry. Their team will transform your 1989 to 1994 Porsche into the ultimate 911.

6. Nick Mason’s Ferrari 250 GTO

One of the most highly valued cars at the event, Pink Floyd’s drummer Nick Mason has a collection that will knock your socks off. In addition to this pristine Ferrari, he also has a McLaren F1 GTR and a few helicopters.

5. Koenigsegg Regera

Who needs a transmission? The Regera uses a magnetic torque converter and 2.73 gears to do it all without shifting. Using a twin turbo V8, the engine is directly coupled to the driveshafts over 80 mph.

4. NIO EP9

This one came out of nowhere to become the fastest production car on slicks. With 1,360 horsepower, it ran a 6.45.9 around the ‘Ring.

3. Ford RS200 Pike’s Peak

The RS200 is an icon of rally racing history, unfortunately, this one suffered a failure of the rear bodywork. The loss in downforce made the car lose control, but thankfully the driver walked away.

2. Formula Drift Cars

Going up Goodwood hill a little slideways was neat to see. Everything from Ford’s Eagle Squadron Mustang to a Viper ACR left trails of burning rubber and smoke in their wake.

1. Porsche’s 70th Anniversary

This compilation represents Porsche’s seven decades in building amazing machines. Many examples were shipped from the Porsche Museum, and it is nice to see them in action once again.

Tell us your favorite run of the weekend and stay with us for more Goodwood news.