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RIP Burt Reynolds: 1936-2018

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Somewhere between Texarkana and Atlanta, The Snowman and the Bandit are together again. Burt Reynolds passed away earlier today, September 6, 2018, from a heart attack. He was immortalized to the automotive world by playing the lead role in Smokey & The Bandit, its sequel, and Cannonball Run. Pontiac chose to celebrate their 50th Anniversary with a Black & Gold Trans-Am, and over 30 of them were used in the first Smokey film.

Burt Reynolds Introduces The New Bandit Trans-Am

The cars became known as “Bandit” editions, and Burt was the guest of honor at the annual Bandit Run. This gathering of Firebirds from around the world is one of the most polite automotive rallies you will ever attend. This year they chose Jupiter, Florida to visit Burt at his home. Our friends at Trans-Am Depot employed Mr. Reynolds as their spokesman for the 5th Generation Trans-Am, complete with T-Tops and an optional CB radio.

We have lost a friend, a football legend, and a talented actor. Rest In Peace Bandit

Featured Image via Barrett-Jackson