Burt Reynolds Introduces The New Bandit Trans-Am

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If you feel the need to deliver 400 cases of Coors to Atlanta, the Bandit himself, Burt Reynolds, has returned with a new Trans-Am. Our friends at Trans Am Depot are building 77 examples of our favorite Pontiac, complete with T-Tops and snowflake wheels. Each car will be numbered and signed by the Bandit, and will arrive with an 800 hp LS V8. Like a Phoenix from the ashes, these faithful resurrections of the 1977 model feature a golden Firebird over a black shaker hood, with the same motif book matched on the door panels.

In a YouTube video uploaded on Thursday, Mr. Reynolds reminisces on life & love, and the motivation for keeping this legend alive. Watch closely, as the highlights include many Bandit logo Easter Eggs that are hidden throughout the car. Ancient technology had to make way for modern conveniences, so if you are looking for CB radio, leaf springs & drum brakes you will be disappointed.

Trans Am Depot owns the rights to this legendary Pontiac, and we’re glad they are keeping the legend alive. For more info on the build and how to reserve your car, their website is: