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Revealed: BMW 2002 Hommage Celebrates 50th Year Anniversary

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This weekend’s Concorso at Lake Como will be host to several significant concepts and BMW just announced they will be arriving with a stunning coupe, the 2002 Hommage. This new car pays tribute to one of the most potent small cars of all time. Fifty years ago the launch of the 02 series was probably seen as just another German commuter car, but enthusiasts and the aftermarket embraced it as a track day featherweight.

A press release earlier today defines the 2002 Hommage as a design study more than a concept. Hopefully, this means it has more potential for production than other examples. One of the many styling cues that made the 2002 turbo easily identifiable, a narrow band of carbon fiber along the belt line takes the place of stainless steel moldings found on the early cars. The paintwork above the carbon is matte finish to keep sunlight from blinding the driver. Giant fender flares recall the 2002 turbo homologation cars, and vintage inspired wheels recall races of a bygone era. The front spoiler is emblazoned with chrome turbo badging, leaving no question as to the car’s abilities.

No mention of horsepower has been released, so we can only hope it is the potent drivetrain of the M2. As soon as more information is released, you will see it first here on Autofluence.

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