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Aston Martin is Testing an SUV Prototype

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Everyone wants an SUV, at least that’s what the industry wants us to think. Aston Martin might be a little late to the game, but the DBX is poised for greatness. The name of their latest model was included along with a video in a press release this morning. 

It outlines their rigorous testing of the first prototype on a few stages of the Welsh Rally. This is making news in Wales, thanks to Aston Martin announcing a new factory in the Vale of Glamorgan. Their main plant in Warwickshire is running at full capacity building the Vantage and DB11, so a new team has been assembled for the DBX. It involves countless hours of simulation that will be followed by flogging the test mules from the Arctic to the Arabian desert. 

Aimed at a wide audience, it will be able to carve out impressive times at the track while being able to tow your boat on the weekend. CEO Andy Palmer also mentioned the new factory will be centered around an electric future. No mention of the powertrain, but we’ll keep you informed as the DBX approaches a planned launch in late 2019. Tell us your thoughts on it and stay with us for all your Aston Martin news.