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Aston-Martin DBS 59 Celebrates Their LeMans Victory

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Sixty years ago, David Brown and his team shocked the world. Their DBR1 won the 24 Hours of LeMans in 1959, cementing Aston-Martin as a leader in world of high performance cars. To celebrate the anniversary of their win, Aston-Martin of Cambridge proposed a unique project.

Working with the talented coach builders at Q by Aston-Martin, they have announced 24 examples of the ‘DBS 59’. Based on the potent DBS Superleggera, each one will be delivered in British Racing Green. Sir Sterling Moss described the 1959 DBR1 as the most important Aston-Martin of all time, so the DBS 59 will have references to it inside and out. 

Saddle leather in the rear compartment is molded to hold the 1959-spec helmet and store the racing suit when you aren’t at the track. The gloves are molded after the ones Carroll Shelby used to fight his way to 1st place. A 2-piece leather luggage set is also included. The 715 horsepower supercar is capable of 211 mph, and each example will be numbered 1-24.  They will undoubtedly be right-hand drive, but our dealers have a great selection of DBS models to choose from

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