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Hennessey HPE 1000 Corvette Grand Sport is a Supercharged Beast

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If you like the looks and performance of the Corvette Z06, the Grand Sport has all of its features without the big engine. It bridges the gap between the base model Stingray and the Z06, and the LT1 engine offers 460 horsepower. If that is not enough for you, the Hennessey HPE1000 Corvette Grand Sport is a supercharged beast.

While most superchargers have moved into the intake valley, centrifugal blowers have made incredible advances in recent years. Starting with a new 416 ci (6.8L) short block, HPE adds cnc ported heads, stainless headers, and several internal upgrades to the 8-speed automatic. The engine and transmission computers are tuned on the dyno before a shakedown at the Pennzoil Proving Grounds next door. This comprehensive upgrade makes 1,008 horsepower at the crank and it is available for manual transmission cars also. Faster and more affordable than a ZR1, the HPE1000 is waiting for you.