Aftermarket Camaro Hennessey

Hennessey Performance 2018 Camaro Exorcist Dyno Tuning

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When a stock Camaro ZL1 arrives at Hennessey Performance, there is no turning back. In order to deliver almost 1,000 horsepower at the crank, it takes a massive supercharger, ported heads and a Top Secret camshaft. The Camaro’s computer would have a hard time dealing with all the new information, so each Hennessey Performance build is strapped to their chassis dyno and wired up to an oxygen sensor in the tailpipe. A Hennessey Performance Camaro Exorcist Dyno Tune is done to break-in the new parts and prove that it makes the power.

After a few runs, they plot fuel and timing in 3D to ensure no lean or fat spots while cruising. When the owner does go wide open, a bit of power enrichment keeps the engine safe for years. This is all done on 93 octane to make sure it is pump gas friendly, and not harmful to the environment. This car is also an automatic, proving you don’t need three pedals to line up against anything on the street. They offer packages for almost every make and model, so click the link below for all the info.


217 MPH in the Hennessey Performance Exorcist Camaro

How To Build A Hennessey Exorcist Camaro