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A Punk Rock Crawler: Fab Fours’ Legend 2.WOAH

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Fab Fours went above and beyond when they created the Legend; there are no questions about that.

fabfours-legend2whoa-072815 (14)

And though you might not think it was possible, they’ve outdone the original Legend.

The aptly named Legend 2.WOAH is fierce. It doesn’t have a bumper – it has a “grumper.” It isn’t just ready for off-roading – it’s stacked on 46″ Baja Claw Tires. Forget a sunroof – it got its hair done.

After a few voiced opinions insinuating the original Legend was just a pretty showcar, not capable of the extreme off-roading Fab Fours advertised, it was time to crank it up. The 2.WOAH puts those to rest, as it was built to be a hardcore rock crawler.

fabfours-legend2whoa-072815 (17)

“My marketing team game me the kibosh on taking it off-road since they would need it in ‘show-ready condition’ for the next year,” Greg Higgs, CEO and Owner of Fab Fours, said. “That’s where THE LEGEND 2.0 comes in since we had to shut down the naysayers that said THE LEGEND was a trailer queen. It was true for a moment, but only because of its celebrity status and the need to stay pristine so that people could experience THE LEGEND in its original form.”

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The original LEGEND, too, was a prototype. As the first full build to come from Fab Fours, it was technically a prototype. It used a stock powertrain, and though minor, some functionality issues were discovered during a week-long rock crawling trip in Colorado. With their second creation, version 2.0 turned 2.WOAH, those issues are resolved.

fabfours-legend2whoa-072815 (13)

An integrated grille and bumper, dubbed the “Grumper,” adds extra clearance and better protection for the 480 hp V8 from GM. The wheelbase was extended to 136 inches, an additional 10 inches on the front and back, to increase stability. And, it has a mohawk.

Check out the photos of this insane off-road monster in the gallery below, and visit Fab Fours at to learn more.

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