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Fab Fours’ Legend is the Most Extreme Jeep

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Back on March 22, a very extreme and unique Jeep was featured on Jay Leno’s Garage. It had red-tinted windows, gigantic fender flares and even bigger wheels. It was a Jeep that took Leno by surprise and dropped jaws wherever it traversed. What I’m talking about is Fab Fours‘ Legend – a custom Jeep that was built to put a smile on the faces of the young and old alike.


When you first look at the car, the sheer size of the wheels and tires are what your eye will be attracted to. These are red, 24-inch, American Force Wheels Thor faceplate rims shod with 50-inch Alliance off-road tractor tires.To make room for tires that are taller than most cars, Fab Fours installed Dynatrac Pro-Rock 80 axles and bespoke steel fender flares that they designed and crafted.

Matching the color of the massive wheels are the red-tinted windows that look like they came from a futuristic spaceship. To contrast against the red is the brushed titanium finish wrap on the body’s exterior.

Inside, passengers will be greeted by an interior covered in Katzkin bespoke leather, along with black and red Barracuda seats and an Arc Audio system.


Another great feature of the Legend is Fab Fours’ one-off grille/bumper that includes a winch mount. The company specializes in creating premium truck and SUV bumpers that can be ordered on their website, These bumpers can be fitted on a wide range of vehicles including the most popular trucks, SUVS and, of course, Jeeps.

What’s next for Fab Fours? Is there a successor to the Legend? Stay with us to see what Fab Fours puts out next.

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