Lamborghini Veneno Delivered to U.S.


A private buyer in Florida has received one of the only three Lamborghini Venenos for sale worldwide on Jan. 20, completing a transaction that began in March, 2013.

The car was delivered to Miami at 7:00 p.m.. As darkness fell and the lights of colorful South Beach blended with the bright halogen lights and vivid colors of the commemorative Italian uber-car, the masterpiece was unloaded off of a flatbed, and keys were presented to the buyer.

The vehicle is believed to be history’s highest priced, retail, new car sale, at a tag of $4,106,000 for Veneno #2. The vehicle was sold to the buyer by St. Louis Motorcars/Lamborghini St. Louis, which is owned by Graham Hill and J.J. Mills. Hill was on hand to present the Veneno to a euphoric buyer.

The vehicle was shipped from the factory to, and prepped at, Prestige Imports/ Lamborghini Miami. Owner Brett David graciously welcomed the opportunity to help facilitate such a significant transaction.

After taking official delivery of the $4 million dollar car, the buyer and Hill promptly drove the supercar to a South Beach restaurant for dinner and proudly parked his new prized possession right in front, for all of South Beach to see and enjoy.


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  • jalonet inc.

    glad Mr. Singh appericate the true passion and history of the car rather then buy it as a show piece.

  • Alan Uriel Ambriz Trujillo


  • porsche4sale


    • justme

      sorry but the idiot is you… if he has the 4 million he can do whatever he wants… your just envy… classless dumbass like you are funny

      • porsche4sale

        Jealous never dum ass I just not as stupid as Kris or think stupid like dum asses like u too lol
        Cause I buy sell cars sold over 20 specialty cars made over 2 mill
        Made over 150k just offf of a collector Porsche dummm asses
        And with my 3 mill investment i grosss over 60 milll return dum assss
        Who’s the dum ass’s now
        Hey why don’t you too guys put ur heads together make ass of yourselves lol
        By way his money is probably so dirty Som dirt bag from middle east scams on his taxes
        Why don’t u two get on ur knees and blow him. U guys luv that

    • Su*kMyD**kA**hole

      I agree with justme … You are one f*cking idiot, porsche4sale … No car will make you money within a year … The second you drive a car off a lot, you already lost money on it … There are only a few cars in the world that will demand high $$, but only after many many years, and I’m talking about cars like an AC Shelby Cobra, maybe an old Ferrari Daytona, etc…

      Like justme said, you are one jealous SOB, you are fu*king jealous that he is young and is able to afford a $ 4.1 million supercar, that’s all !!! … And I see this all the time myself … I’m 34 yrs old, a successful businessman, a business that I built up myself from the age of 19. And I love cars, & right now, even though I am a bachelor, I own six beautiful cars – an Audi R8 GT convertible, a highly-modified MK6 VW Golf R, a 2014 Audi SQ5 Quattro, a 2013 Audi S4 Quattro sedan, a 2013 Porsche Panamerica Turbo sedan, and a 2014 Mercedes GL63 AMG. And I have a 2014 Audi S8 Quattro on order.

      And you don’t deserve your screen name b/c you probably don’t have a fu*king Porsche for sale b/c jerks like you won’t buy a Porsche with your attitude …

      Go back to your Ford Pinto, a**hole !

      • porsche4sale

        Jealous never dum ass I just not as stupid as Kris or think stupid like dum asses like u too lol
        Cause I buy sell cars sold over 20 specialty cars made over 2 mill
        Made over 150k just offf of a collector Porsche dummm asses
        And with my 3 mill investment i grosss over 60 milll return dum assss
        Who’s the dum ass’s now
        Hey why don’t you too guys put ur heads together make ass of yourselves lol

        • 03hd

          Lol I highly doubt you make that much, better yet, I doubt you have an education. Lmao

          • porsche4sale

            Who is jealous now lol
            Education lol
            What’s an education going to do make me a lousy 100,000$
            Per year lol
            Let’s just say if I make only 2 million this year That means I am having a bad year :)

          • porsche4sale

            Oh you highly doubt it. Suddenly you know something Lol
            Dum ass lol
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            Your dum ass go talk to someone at your level that earns 10.25 $ an
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            Go on my Facebook under francesco dinardo dum ass
            Look at my car inventory for sale b4 you try to think or ever talk to me again
            Mayb you mite learn something
            Kevin O Leary

        • Su*kMyD**kA**hole

          Wow ! … you are getting dumber and dumber with each post.

          1) You can’t even spell dumb … you can’t spell ” two ” … All of your sentences
          ain’t proper English. Like 03hd said, I don’t think you even pass Grade 9 !

          2) Really ??? … Sold 20 cars and made over 2 million dollars … Wake up from
          your dreams, asshole ! … Nobody makes an average $ 100k profit on any
          car without keeping it for a very long time.

          3) $ 150k profit on a collector Porsche … I find that very hard to believe …

          4) Really ? … $ 3,000,000 investment and gross over $ 60,000,000 … 20 times
          return on your investment … Don’t smoke your crap, asshole !!! … If that was
          real, you would be featured on some business magazine !!!

          Kris isn’t stupid … He loves cars and he got the money to do it … He does not dream like you who dreams of $ 3 million investment turning into $ 60 million return while playing with your dick ! …

          Hey a**hole, people like Kris and I don’t buy cars for investment, we buy cars because we can afford them and loves them … I change my cars every 3 ~ 4 years !!!! … I once owned a car and lost over $ 20k four years later when I sold it due to the low resell value for that make and model and also due to the amt of modifications I did to it, but I did not care. I love that car during those 4 yrs and it was just time for a new one.

          I don’t make money from buying and selling cars, but I make money from my job as a business owner, but also from buying and selling properties !!! … I buy a few properties when the market is low, rent or lease them out, then when the time is right, sell them for a profit.

          Anyways, I got to go now as your mom is coming to breastfeed you and change your diaper now, asshole !!!

          • porsche4sale

            Really really who’s the jealous one
            Now lol
            I can’t help you if your to stupid to know how to make money
            It’s ok we understand
            Just serve my dinner and shut up lol

      • Barrett Mcalister

        You obviously haven’t been paying attention to the market. Customers with the new Range Rovers are either flipping them for an easy 20-30k over sticker, or ordering a second Rover and when it comes in trading their first one back in. If it has less than 5000 miles on it, the least they will get for it is MSRP and the dealer sells it for another 15-20k over that.
        This gentleman did not purchase this car to make money. He purchased it because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. And they had six other buyers lined up trying to get one of the three cars. So I’m pretty sure that if he wanted to sell it he wouldn’t lose anything.
        I understand how hard it is for you to grasp this concept since you drive expensive mass produced cars that anybody that anybody who scratched off a winning lottery ticket can walk into a dealership and purchase. Maybe when you grow up you will understand the laws of supply and demand and why you keep losing your ass on the cars you are buying.

        • Su*kMyD**kA**hole


          Okay, I knew about the Range Rover thing … My dad has one of the new Range Rover and the dealer did call him about a client willing to pay him an extra $ 8k to let go his spot for it. All I am saying is I can understand making a small profit like maybe a few thousand dollars, but not like what “posche4sale” is saying … making 6 figures on every vehicle he resell ???

          Secondly, I did not buy my cars from winning any lotteries … I brought it with the success of my business which I built up since the age of 19, started from the bsmt of my home and just my friend and I … today, I have a beautiful office and have over 67 employees.

          You got it right that Kris did not buy the Veneno to make $$, but what got me wanting to take a baseball bat to “porsche4sale” is he saying he won’t pay $ 4 million dollar for it … first of all, he probably don’t have $ 4 million to buy the car, secondly, you need to be invited by Lamborghini to buy it … One of my clients was one of the people invited by Lamborghini to purchase it and that is because Lamborghini shows he currently owns 11 Lamborghini:

          * Countach
          * Diablo VT Roadster
          * Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera
          * Gallardo LP570-4 Super Trofeo Stradale
          * Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante
          * Murcielago LP670-4 SV,
          * Murciélago LP 650-4 Roadster
          * Reventon coupe,
          * Reventon Roadster,
          * DMC Aventador LP 700-4 coupe, …..
          * and two wks ago, he collected his Aventador LP 700-4 roadster )

          He have a strong bond to Lamborghini because at the age of 25, he brought his 1st Lamborghini, the Countach when he made his 1st million and ever since his business have been booming without looking back … He is another guy that have insane money and buy cars not to make a profit, he always told me he probably can make insane money with some of the other supercars he has in his collection like a prized AC Shelby Cobra, the famous Ferrari Enzo, a Ferrari Dino, a Porsche Carrera GT, a Porsche 959, etc…. Now, he rejected the invitation as he was mad at Lamborghini for making a roadster version of the Reventon when they promised not to make anymore Reventon after the coupe. So instead of buying the Veneno, he brought a Porsche 918 Spyder and a new Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport instead.

          I know too well about the laws of supply and demand … my business became successful because of it … I don’t make money on the cars I have not because they are mass produced, to me, I lost money because of the amount of money I spent modifying them to my liking. For example, my Golf R alone have over $35k of modifications on top of the $ 45k Cdn that I paid for it new. It is my weekend toy … To be very honest, only my GL63 AMG is fairly stock right now, only thing I did to it so far is upgrade the rims.

          In conclusion, I don’t buy cars as an investment, I buy cars because I want and love that make and model. Like I said, I made a lot of money over the years from buying and selling real estate properties, but I don’t have a love for those properties, I brought them for the sole purpose to flip them for a profit when the time is right … I don’t have the same feeling for my cars … They are my babies!

          • Barrett Mcalister

            I have to apologize for my comments, I miss read what you you said. I re read your comments right after I posted and realized that. I should have apologized immediately. All that said, porscheforsale is just a hater…

  • tvarad

    Owner looks like a snake-oil salesman – not too far from the truth considering that he owns a “private investment firm”.

    • headman2

      Owning a private investment firm makes one “a snake oil salesman?” And he “looks like” one? What are you, 15? Your comment couldn’t be tinged with more envy.

    • Atiquester

      What a horrible thing to say! What right do you have to judge anyone, anywhere? Look at your own pathetic existence…You are a disgrace to Human Kind!

    • Vark Vikernes

      I found your comment rather humorous. These other commentators clearly have not experience the internet in its glorious entirety.

  • King Atef

    الحج عاطف
    ابو عبد اللة

  • King Atef

    الج عاطف ابو عبداللة معجب جدا

  • Samar

    Singh is King!!!

  • Dominodon

    Wow, congrats to that guy. Talk about Exclusive. All the Ferrari’s and Lambos that you see zipping around Miama….Seeing a 458 Italia or a Gallardo is like seeing McDonalds…..who cares….But this one….This is TRUE EXCLUSIVITY.

  • Dominodon

    tvarad…….you sound a little…SALTY my friend…..Maybe if you work hard…you can grow up and be like this guy one day, cause I guarantee if you could afford it…youd buy it.

  • hairy

    Xlnt taste, Mr. David, and now, A Porsche 962-CAR as a rare display mate,lol! ( dominodon,agreed on tvarad)

  • HamXa Khan ToNoli