Huayra Pagani

Delivery of Kris Singh’s New Pagani Huayra BC Macchina Volante

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Kris Singh has collected quite a few vehicles in his days, including one Lamborghini Veneno, a Koenigsegg Agera XS and many others. Back in May of this year, he took delivery of a new Pagani Huayra BC that is called the Huayra BC Macchina Volante.

The name comes from the inspiration Horacio Pagani has drawn from Leonardo da Vinci over the years. Macchina Volante translates from Italian to flying machine in English. One of da Vinci’s most famous creations was his flying machine, an invention that would be a source of inspiration for centuries to come. Singh notes in the video below that he chose the name Macchina Volante because his new Huayra BC has flaps and a massive wing like the original flying machine.

The delivery of his car is all documented in the video below by Prestige Imports Miami. The CEO of the dealership, Brett David, was able to help Singh obtain his dream Pagani and ultimately bring one of the finest automobiles in the world to the United States.