Volk Racing G27 and 57Motorsport G07FXX Get New Sizes

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Earlier this year, we saw dozens of high-end, well crafted, after-market wheels hit the market and the streets. Amongst these dozens were the Volk Racing G27 and 57Motorsport G07FXX, from Rays, which took the market by storm in their own unique ways.

However, until now they were only offered in 20-inch sizes, possibly too large for the tastes of some affluent buyers. Both of these extraordinary wheels have recently been announced in 19-inch sizes, making them to be a much more fitting size to many. Below you’ll find specifics for both. Which unique wheel will you replace your ordinary factory wheels with?

G27 Dark Prism

Volk Racing G27: With a cross spoke face referred to as a 2×7, Volk Racing has created a refined, clean look from a racing oriented wheel. The entire wheel, right down to the center cap, has been forged to perfection and is offered in all new colors from their recently introduced Prism line. To ensure the Rays logo over the center cap is always seen, it’s placed on a Spinner Cap to keep it stationary at all times. Other logos are machine embedded into the edges of the rim to ensure the rim is authentic and prevent fading of decals or stickers. With your order, you’ll receive a variety of wheel widths to fit your needs, as well as a removal wrench to maintain the valve stem, package and spinner cap on your own.

57FXX Black w Machining

57Motorsport G07FXX: Designed for BMW owners, this aggressive racing rim has been forged with a split spoke design that has been set wider apart than the original. This creates a “controlled metal flow” that increases density to the metal flow lines. Weight has been reduced via a CNC machine, taking cut outs from lug nut holes, behind the spokes, around the hub mounting pad and around the wheel spokes. However, regardless of the cut outs, there has been no compromise to the strength of the rim. The wheel is also offered in a variety of sizes to fit your individual needs.

Please note that the images shown are not the 19-inch sizes, but are the 20-inch. Slight variations due to changes, such as a reduced weight, will apply.

Visit the link below to pick out your set of wheels from the Rays line: