TSW Alloy Wheels’ Multi-Piece Lineup

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TSW Alloy Wheels has a long history, tracing back to when it was founded as Tiger Sports Wheels in the 1960’s by former Formula One driver Eddie Keizan. In 2001, the company divided into different operations, with the American operation taking the name TSW Alloy Wheels(TSW.com). Over the next decade, TSW expanded their range of wheels dramatically and overhauled the entire company. Their efforts were so successful that they spread to the European and Asian markets, becoming an international aftermarket wheel producer.

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This company prides itself on craftsmanship, especially in the multi-piece wheels. What makes their multi-piece wheels so special is the technology used to create them, which is called fusion welding, or friction stir welding.

TSW Alloy Wheels Mirabeau Wheel in Matte Black
TSW Alloy Wheels – the Mirabeau multi-piece wheel in Matte Black

This type of welding is a solid-state joining process, meaning the metal is not melted, but instead softened due to an elevated temperature. In friction stir welding, two pieces of metal are pressed against each other with large amounts of force, while a tool heats the joining area between the two. The heated area between the two pieces is then softened, allowing for them to be joined, thanks to the pressure.

Through this process, TSW Wheels’ multi-piece wheels are lightweight, functional, have precise fitments and come in unique designs that aren’t possible without friction stir welding. TSW also offers their multi-piece wheels in a multitude of sizes and finishes, providing customers with plenty of options.

The new Amaroo wheel, for example, is a two-piece wheel, meaning the hub and spokes are manufactured as an integral unit that is mated to the outer barrel of the wheel. Two-piece manufacturing provides design flexibility to create visual differentiation not possible in a one-piece wheel. The Amaroo is a stunning example of this designer’s edge with its complex mesh of twelve talon-like spokes. The Amaroo is available in Silver with a brushed face and a chrome stainless lip, as well as in Matte Black. Sizes available for the Amaroo wheels range from 18″ x 8″, all the way up to 20″ x10.5″, with 12 other sizes in between.

To view all of TSW’s multi-piece wheels and find your next set, be sure to click the button found below.

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