Lexani Wheels

Lexani Forged LZ-105 Wheels (Video)

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Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. Owning an exotic car is a perfect step in the right direction, but what happens when you pull up next to the same car? How will you stand apart from your impersonator?

A perfect solution is to throw a set of Lexani Forged wheels on your exotic. Take this custom Lamborghini Gallardo for example. Not only does it feature a fully customized body, it’s also rolling on a set of LF LZ-105 wheels, and not the stock wheels you see on most Gallardos. These wheels come in a wide array of colors to match your car’s finish and are available in 19″, 20″, 21″, 22″, 24″ and 26″ sizes.

Check out the video below to see these wheels in action and be sure to visit their website to learn more about the Lexani Forged Series.