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ADV.1 Launches 2014 Product Line

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The wait for ADV.1’s 2014 product lineup is over and we finally get the chance to see their new line of wheels. They’re lighter, have new finishes, are produced quicker, have TUV certification and have a number of other improvements, all across the lineup.

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Above is a video, created by Cinemotive Media, about not just the 2014 line up, but also the company as a whole. President of ADV.1, Jordan Swerdloff, says in the video, “over the next few years ADV.1 will evolve into a company that has never existed in the history of the wheel industry.”

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Nothing, especially quality, safety or support, is overlooked by this wheel company. Swerdloff and his team of dedicated and innovative individuals ensure that they deliver on all aspects and that they meet their customer’s needs.

For more information on ADV.1’s 2014 line up, be sure to visit: Also, don’t miss the incredible gallery below of their new line up, including the NL2 series and look at the catalog.






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