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VW Microbus Powered By 993 Turbo S is Insanity

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SEMA week always brings out the wildest engine swaps of the year. Remember when Gas Monkey Garage stuffed a junkyard LS into a 997 only to be schooled by Richard Rawlings’ new Turbo S? Well, imagine that level of power shoved into one of the slowest production vehicles of all time. The VW Microbus, or Type 2 is an unassuming transportation device that has a tendency to burst into flames. Early versions have swing axle suspension that predates World War II.

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Ferdinand would be proud to see his son’s designs have been the basis for VW’s growth into a world power. He would also like to see an unassuming people mover bestowed with 530 hp from a late model 993 911 Turbo S. This van must have the SportChrono package, because overboost allows it to keep up with a 458 Italia on the track. Swapping a modern fuel injected twin turbo into something it was not designed for is fun. We swapped a later Carrera engine and modern suspension into an early bus for NFL star Cortland Finnegan, along with a flux capacitor and a few TVs. VW vans are not easy to work on, and the chassis will fail at these power levels. If this swap appeals to your abilities, take a look at engine donor vehicles in the link below, and stay with us for more Porsche-powered projects.

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