Volkswagen XL1 Ultra Hybrid Gets 261 MPG

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Volkswagen makes a pretty bold claim when they say that their XL1 is the world’s most efficient car. Luckily, they can back up that claim, and then some. With a combined fuel consumption of 261 mpg and CO2 emissions of 24 g/km, the Volkswagen XL1 is nothing short of environmentally friendly.  This hybrid uses a two-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, but that’s only if you choose to. It comes with a fully electric motor option with 27 hp and 74 lb-ft of torque, which can travel up to 22 miles fully charged. The two engines can work together or independently of one another. Adhering to its aerodynamic theme, this innovative vehicle has done away with rear view mirrors and replaced them with video screens on the interior of each door. This car is extremely exclusive. Although it claims to be a production car, Volkswagen has produced only 50 of the planned 250, and none of them are scheduled to arrive in America. They will be given to a few lucky residents of Germany for testing purposes, and it’s been said that they will be sold only to “important markets” in Europe and China.

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