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New Era for VW Starts with the New I.D. Electric Car

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Volkswagen is looking to enter a new era with the unveiling of their I.D. electric car. This new zero-emission vehicle is the first in the brand’s fleet of electric automobiles.

Powering the I.D. is an electric motor with an output of 125 kW, which translates to roughly 167 hp. With this powertrain, VW notes that it will have a range between 249 miles and 373 miles on one single battery charge.

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Along with being fully-electric, the I.D. will also be fully autonomous. When in its autonomous mode, the steering wheel will retract into the dashpad, giving the driver more space to stretch about.

While all of this sounds great, one of the most interesting tidbits of info has to be that the I.D. will accept deliveries using a new delivery service, even when the driver isn’t home. Say so long to leaving notes on your door or having packages stolen.

VW is looking to put the I.D. out into production, parallel to the Golf, in 2020. It’s autonomous mode will be available in 2025. The German company is also setting a goal to sell a million electric cars by 2025. Ambitious.