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Watch The Stig Rip the Aston Martin Vulcan Around the Test Track

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Alright, so we’re all pretty upset at that the old Top Gear test track is going to be bulldozed for housing. Why are we upset? Probably because many of us have spent years watching The Stig rip hundreds of sports cars around the track.

(How to Get Stuck in an Aston Martin Vulcan)

While we won’t get to see The Stig drive new cars around the track, we still have hours of footage from the vault that will keep us occupied. For example, Top Gear loaded up a video of our favorite driver taking the Aston Martin Vulcan around the track.

This video is bittersweet to watch, considering it reminds us of the old Top Gear, but it’s still awesome to see the Vulcan being thrashed through the track.

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