Vanderhall Created a Touching Micro-Trilogy Based Around Their Carmel

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The Vanderhall Carmel is not a car. Let’s get that straight. If you don’t believe me, Vanderhall’s brilliant micro-trilogy on YouTube brings that message home. The microbiology, consisting of three short videos, tells the story of a father and his daughter’s boyfriend. Being a father, he’s well aware of the boyfriend’s intentions to marry his daughter, but he won’t let him ask without a little bit a quest. Well, it’s actually a literal quest the father sets him out on but at least he lets him take his Vanderhall Carmel as a mode of transportation.

While the story is the main focus in these three videos, they do a great job of showing off the details of the Carmel. From the leather upholstery to the Brembo brakes, there are plenty of beautiful shots with the Carmel as the centerpiece. You should definitely give the videos a watch down below and learn more about Vanderhall by clicking the button below.

Carmel Episode I: The Quest

Carmel Episode II: The Song

Carmel Episode III: The Gift