Ultima GTR with 850 HP Heffner Twin Turbo Kit (Video) | Autofluence

Ultima GTR with 850 HP Heffner Twin Turbo Kit (Video)

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If you’re looking for a lightweight supercar to hoon around in, the Ultima GTR is a solid choice. The GTR can be purchased fully-built or as a kit, with both allowing the owner to create the supercar of their dreams.

For example, below you can see a video of such a customer who purchased an Ultima GTR that was personalized to his liking. Under the hood is both a Heffner Performance Twin Turbo kit and a Ford GT engine,the makings for a car that beckons to be driven hard. With the kit and engine equipped, this car manages 850 hp, an absurd amount for a ~2,600 lbs car.

Check out the video below to see this outrageous GTR sliding around and hooning in slippery conditions.

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