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Two LaFerraris on the Fiorano Circuit

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Marchettino is one of the most notorious spy cam guys on YouTube, continually catching clips of new and upcoming Italian cars as they’re being tested. This time, he’s caught two LaFerrari’s sprinting around the Fiorano Circuit.

Were they racing?

No, but it’s an immaculate display of the super-hybrid’s performance and delivers candy to our ears with the true sound of the highly anticipated supercar. The camouflaged LaFerrari is thought to be trying out a new exhaust system and is noticeably louder, while the other is off the production line and simply testing the waters. The test track is a 1.8-mile legend with 12 turns. Though we only get the chance to see the supercars wrapping around one turn, there’s no doubt that it didn’t take them long with their 6.3-Liter V12 hybrid engine boasting 963 hp.

(Source: Marchettino / YouTube)