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Two 2,000 HP Lamborghinis (Gallardo and Huracan) Duke It Out

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At a drag event, two brothers took their respective Lamborghinis to the starting line to see which of their would come out on top. Each of the brothers own a different model Lamborghini: Huracan and Gallardo. While their cars have different names, both of the cars have been tuned up to 2,000 hp.

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During the race, the cars easily cruised to speeds of over 200 mph, but one dominated the race, hitting over 220 mph. While one of the cars definitely took the win, one guy came out as a winner no matter what: their dad. In fact, the brothers’ dad was at the event and even noted that there was no way he could lose.

Check out the race below to see whether the Gallardo or Huracan takes the win.

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