Top 5 Rally Car Jumps

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Source: WRC
Source: WRC

When I posted the Ferrari 360 catching air video last week, it got me thinking of rally racing. Why? Because rally racing is where cars fly and drivers know how to handle them.

Here are our top 5 rally car jumps from around the world in various rally racing series.

Barry Johnson Gains Wings

According to Johnson, he was doing around 137 at the time of this jump. He was hospitalized afterwards due to three broken vertebrae.


Cyril Kearney Flying Through New York

This was taken at the Rally New York 2012.



Eygeni Novikov’s Frequent Flyer Miles in Finland

Here he is at the same course, years apart, flying high.



139ft Jump by Richard Burton

Its a record jump for the course. A bit lopsided of a jump, but it will do.



Aleksander Saluk Takes Orbit

How he managed to maintain control afterwards is beyond me. These guys are incredible.


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