“TaxTheRich” Trailer Features Flaming XJ220

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TaxTheRich100 is quite possibly one of the most interesting and blasphemous channels out there. No, it has nothing to do with religion, but instead with rallying Ferrari Enzos, taking a Gallardo through mud, having a tug-of-war between two Ferrari F50s and all sorts of things that would make an automotive purist weep. I, for one, find this channel to be one of the most entertaining on YouTube. It features two of my favorite things: exotic cars and insanity.

The latest video from the channel is a trailer which features snippets of their previous videos and from their upcoming video. I would love to be in the room when they came up with the idea for this next video, because how would they end up with tearing up a Jaguar XJ220 and setting its tires on fire?  See for yourself below and be sure to leave which video was your favorite in the comments below.