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Straight Pipe Rev Battle: 458 vs GranTursimo vs Panamera

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We’re kinda jealous because we don’t get much tunnel action here in Florida. If you enjoy the symphony of a screaming V8, turn up your volume. WorldSupercars found three exotics without mufflers and placed them in a tunnel for auditory overload. Instead of just replacing the mufflers with exhaust tubing, many aftermarket systems offer larger diameter pipes. This helps the engine rev faster but the resonance on the highway can be unbearable.

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The stanced Maserati GranTurismo is either a 4.2L or 4.7L V8 which is of the same family as the 4.5L in the Ferrari 458. But the Ferrari uses F1 derived technology to reach 9,000 rpm.Porsche powers the Panamera Turbo with a 4.8L V8, but turbochargers cancel most of the sound by transforming it into boost pressure. The reason Panamera sounds more like an American is because it uses a traditional cross-plane crankshaft. Ferrari and Maserati use flat-plane cranks which are basically two four-cylinder engines sharing the same space. Tell us which one sounds the best in the comments below.

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