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Japanese Lawyer Daily Drives His McLaren P1

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In Denenchofu, Ota Ward, Tokyo, Japan, one lawyer figured out how to make his daily commute more enjoyable. A few years ago, he purchased his first McLaren, the 650S. He was so happy and impressed with the 650S that he decided to make an additional McLaren purchase. This time, Go Hiramatsu invested in the P1. After a tour of the McLaren factory, which Hiramatsu refers to as a “museum of modern art,” he decided the P1 was the ride for him. He chose a green finish matching the greenery of the London parks where the McLaren factory is located.

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Hiramatsu uses his P1 as his daily driver for his commute to and from work, which he partakes in five days a week. But that’s not all. He also takes his car to the local track, the Fuji Speedway, and the Hakone Turnpike. Dubbed as Japan’s Nürburgring equivalent, the Hakone Turnpike is a great place for Hiramatsu to let loose in his P1. 

Check out the video below to see Hiramatsu and his P1 in action.

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