Speed Bumps vs Supercars Cringe Compilation

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Industry analysts have been wondering why American buyers have given up on the sedan and coupe. SUV and Crossover sales are booming. Our theory is that it’s not the styling or amenities that are making them so popular. It is because our nation’s roads are in terrible shape. One lane of my daily commute it so convoluted it will make you go airborne, even going below the speed limit. If you are looking for a supercar for sale, you should consider your local driving conditions.

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The dilemma facing us supercar enthusiasts is finding decent pavement to enjoy our rides. In a YouTube video uploaded last night by Vipin Maben, we can see several of the world’s most coveted cars attempting to go over a massive speed bump. The action went down on the streets of Bangalore, India. What we see are nervous owners making sharp turns to wiggle over the bumps. Everything from a new McLaren 720S to a Ferrari 488 GTB holds up traffic as they attempt to go over. We won’t allude to the carnage they cause, but we are envious that these roads are much better than some in Florida. As always, stay with us for all your supercar footage.