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Santa in Ferrari 458 Hands Out Gifts to Kids

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For those who celebrate Christmas, this time of the year can be both stressful and exciting.

It can be stressful because we tend to find ourselves in a craze, worrying about the presents you want to buy and making sure everyone around you has a great holiday.

But, it can be very exciting.

Every year, millions of people get excited for Christmas because this holiday always brings those fond childhood memories of getting gifts, hanging up ornaments or even getting to see Santa.


It’s these memories that need to be fueling our passion for Christmas, not the thought of buying endless amounts of gifts. And it seems like the YouTube channel RichKidsTV took a break from their prank videos to make some memories for unsuspecting kids.

In a video uploaded on December 14, they drove around town in a Ferrari 458 Italia with Santa behind the wheel. And, with as many gifts as they could fit in the 458’s front boot, they handed out presents to kids they passed by.

Even if you’re not a fan of their channel, you have to admit that it’s nice to see the looks on the kids faces when Santa pulls up in a Ferrari and hands them a gift out of nowhere.

Just imagine if you were a kid and Santa not only pulled up in a 458, but gave you a gift out of it. That’s a memory you’d probably never forget. And we appreciate these guys for taking a moment to make some memories for kids during the holidays.

Remember to take some time out of your day this Christmas to give, whether it’s to someone in need, someone you love or someone you don’t even know at all. These acts of giving are how you can not only create special memories for yourself, but for those around you.

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(Source: YouTube)