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Rudy Mancinas’ Colorful Porsche Collection

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“I don’t find the cars, they find me.”

“…got to drive ’em like ya’ stole ’em.”

With quotes like that, you know that Rudy Mancinas is a passionate collector. His love for the Porsche 964/993 generations all started when he purchased a red and black 965 Cabriolet. Once he started driving it, that’s when it happened. He then traded that car in for a coupe and has been collecting the cars ever since.

YouTube channel, eGarage, had the chance to interview Mancinas and film his collection. They uploaded the video to YouTube on December 10 and in its description, they tell us of his goal to own every color of the 964/993 generations. Ambitious? Yes, but when you have as much passion as him, things can happen.

Check out the video below to learn more about Mancinas’ story.

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(Source: YouTube)