Road Rage Leads to Angle Grinder Destruction

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Because this is the most sensible thing to do.


Sure, we all have the capacity to get upset over other drivers on the road, but have you ever been so mad you used an angle grinder to take off someone’s mirror?

In Russia, where the roads are a battleground and bears become household pets, the situation above really did happen. It all started when a Nissan Juke was moving over a bit to the left in order to avoid a slow moving vehicle ahead of it. Unfortunately, they did not see the motorcyclist that was speeding up behind them. When the Juke got too close for comfort, the motorcyclist laid on the horn and sped up to catch the Juke.

Seriously? An angle grinder?

Once he caught up with the Juke, he proceeded to pull out a freakin’ angle grinder, because apparently that’s what you carry in Russia for protection… Check out the full video below, its unbelievable.