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Reflected Images Custom Detailing- Porsche Tech Session

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If you have never attended a Porsche Club of America meeting, you are truly missing out. The best part of this year’s Baltimore Auto Show was being invited to PCA’s local chapter to their monthly meeting. By coincidence, it happened to take place at Reflected Images Custom Detailing. As part of our Elite Detailers, owner Brian Daly has been our recommended artist for the entire Mid-Atlantic.

What he does is not a rinse & wax, it is literally turning coal into diamonds. Paint correction is not for the feint of heart. Most new cars leave the factory wearing only 2 mils (0.05 mm) of clear coat. And of that thin layer, most of it is orange peel thanks to the imprecise movements of the robotic painters.

Motor Trend uses the images of our booth to promote shows around the country because of Brian’s attention to detail. After each car is moved in, he gets to work with CQartz ceramic coatings and a Rupes BigFoot polisher that costs more than your car. Once the swirls are gone and the polish is applied, the finish is cured with a high wattage infrared lamp. While I have always been busy coordinating the arrival of each car, I’ve never been able to see how much it takes to apply a ceramic coating. So, in order to show Porsche owners what it takes, he invited all of us to a catered lunch. If you have any questions, contact Reflected Images Custom Detailing and stay with us for more great events from the Porsche Club of America.