Red Bull F1 Car vs. F/A-18 Hornet Fighter Jet (Video)

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What if you were given a choice between having a career as an F1 race car driver or an F/A-18 pilot? These are two occupations that kids, and even a lot of adults, dream of having.To make your decision easier, two men in a video uploaded to YouTube on March 15 by Infiniti Red Bull Racing put these two jobs against each other in an epic race.

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In the video seen above, Daniel Ricciardo of the Infiniti Red Bull Racing team races his F1 race car against an F/A-18 Hornet, piloted by Royal Australian Air Force Pilot Michael Keightley down a runway.

Both Keightley and Ricciardo talk about their careers and how they came to their current positions. Whether looking at Ricciardo, who started go-karting at age 9, or Keightley, who went through failed flights while training in the air force, it’s understood that both worked hard to be in their current positions. In fact, it’s quite inspiring to see how these two men obtained their dream jobs through perseverance and determination.

Check out the video above and leave a comment below and tell us which job you would rather have.

(Source: Infiniti Red Bull Racing / YouTube)


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