Rally Car Jumps Over Luckiest Dog in the World

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We may not cover rally racing as much as I’d like to, but this video was just too good to not share with you guys. During the recent Codasur 2016 race  in Santa Cruz, Bolivia a Mitsubishi Evo driven by Fernando Zuasnabar was flying through as usual. That is, until a certain corner came up.

On one side of the corner was the Evo, traveling at high speeds. On the other side was what I would call one of the luckiest dogs in the world.

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After taking the corner, the dog sees the car and starts making a run for it…down the center of the road (he didn’t know any better). It looked like the video was going to have a bad ending until the Evo literally took flight and jumped over the dog at the perfect moment.

It seriously doesn’t get much luckier than this.