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Porsche’s Secret Prototype Warehouse (Video)

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Most automotive enthusiasts know the rough history of Porsche. A select few can detail every fine detail in the German automaker’s long timeline. However, one thing that not many know is that Porsche has a secret warehouse full of cars, with some essentially unknown to the public.

This warehouse is located near the Porsche museum in Germany and, due to its unassuming appearance, does not stand out by any means. While the average passerby may not be able to visit the warehouse, let alone spot it, Car Magazine recently had the chance to visit it.

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Above is a video uploaded by Car Magazine to YouTube July 29 that gives us a tour of Porsche’s secret warehouse. In the video, Chris Chilton, Editor-at-Large at Car Magazine, shows off some of the finer examples in the warehouse, including the V8-powered 965.

Check out the video above to see some of the Porsches that never saw the light of day.

(Source: Car Magazine / YouTube)

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