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Porsche 918 Spyder & 911 R Having Fun At Thermal Club

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If you are looking to have some fun in the desert, The Thermal Club is a private world-class motorsports resort in Coachella, California. Several manufacturers use if for testing, so you might run into upcoming models with unique camouflage. HRE Wheels likes to push their latest designs to their limits in the real world. Computer modeling only goes so far in wheel design. To make sure their products are the best in the world, they partner with customers to prove them on the track.

Nineteen Porsche 918s Attack The Alps

It could have been mere coincidence, but their film crew came across a matching pair of Porsches. The 918 Spyder and a 911 R were doing their best to get kicked out. Blasting by the hotel in the morning looks like a scene from Vanishing Point. As the weather has finally changed here in Florida, we look forward to playing with our cars this weekend. So take delight in the video below and join us at Cars & Coffee tomorrow morning at our headquarters. Have a great weekend!.