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Porsche 911 Heart Transplant Under 12 Minutes

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If your engine has ever left you stranded, we suggest you keep a spare ready to go. That is the reasoning behind a blistering engine and transmission swap at the East African Safari Classic. Running in the lead was the English team of Tuthill Porsche, who specializes in racing classic Porsche 911s.

2018 Porsche 911 GT3 Touring vs 911R

The relentless heat and sustained redline speeds are a death sentence to any engine, so their support team was ready for the inevitable. Dr. Porsche designed the Volkswagen and his Porsche progeny to be incredibly easy to service, and the entire powertrain is designed to be dropped as one unit. A process that normally takes a few hours on a lift might seem impossible in the desert, but Team Tuthill was ready. In a well-orchestrated symphony, they worked to swap in the new drivetrain in less than 12 minutes.

The air-cooled Porsche engine has no scalding coolant or complex hoses. Drain the oil, take the wheels off and crimp the fuel line. Aside from the throttle, clutch, and shifter linkages, all it takes is elbow grease. No matter what credentials or experience you have, these guys deserve your respect. PRO TIP: always use jack stands when under your car, and don’t try this at home. The brilliant engineering found in the Porsche 911 is why it has been dominating for over 50 years. Click the link below to find one for yourself and stay with us for all your 911 updates.

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