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Pennzoil Shows That the Dodge Demon CAN Drift

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If you have the means to purchase the world’s fastest production car, please don’t use conventional oil. Regular engine oil is refined from dinosaur blood which has been brewing for millennia. Synthetic oils are made in complex labs instead of being pumped from a well. Regular oil is like cholesterol. It builds up crud in all the small passages of your engine, and you’re left walking home. You might not think manufacturers would want an engine to sustain years of abuse, but Dodge has partnered with Pennzoil in building the SRT Demon.

Pennzoil: The Last Viper

Supercharged engines put extreme loads on the crank bearings because they are having to convert 770 lb-ft of torque from a vertical motion into rotational energy. Another point of stress is the massive twisting load the supercharger places on the crank pulley. That’s why the Demon’s block is not shared with any other model. It doubles the volume of oil to the piston squirters. These nifty spray nozzles shoot upwards into the bottom of the pistons, keeping them cool under pressure and happy to spin to 6,500 rpm. To show off the abilities of the Demon, Pennzoil decided to film another yellow car in action. Their previous films have showcased a professional driver behind the wheel of The Last Viper, and a new Ferrari 488 GTB. The camera’s lens is modified by adding two glass plates which are separated by a film of their oil. Made from natural gas and 99.5% pure, it doesn’t distort the picture in the slightest. If you aren’t interested in demonic possession, our dealers have several Hellcats for sale. Turn up your audio to hear the blower whine and stay with us for more wild Dodge & Pennzoil footage.