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Origin of the Tesla Model S (Video)

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Every superhero has an origin story, so it only makes sense that a car created by a superhero would have one too. For the Tesla Model S, a creation of the real-life Iron Man, we now have a look at one.

Uploaded to Vimeo June 11 by David Holm is a visual tale of metal seemingly borne from the very elements that comprise the universe. The power of the sun, the bite of a rattle snake and the dry edge of a desert-scape all match the intensity of the Model S in the video tearing through sand dunes and kicking up clouds of dry dust. The origin tale ends with the car racing toward a city skyline, chasing a sunset out of the desert, ready to face its first set of challenges.

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Is Tesla posed to save the world? Perhaps not, but could they prove heroic enough to save a piece of our environment? Time will only tell.

Be sure to watch the video above to see the origin of a metal hero, and to see more short films directed by David Holm, click here.

(Source: David Holm / Vimeo)


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